About Us

Our Story

Generations of exposure to cultural attitudes about race have permeated the legal profession, including attorneys practicing in Big Law. These cultural attitudes have resulted in racial inequities for Black attorneys vis-à-vis hiring, promotion, compensation and learning opportunities. It is time to acknowledge that these cultural attitudes are more sinister, as they have resulted in, and continue to result in, severe emotional distress and trauma in the Black attorney population in Big Law. Outside of the practice of Big Law, these attitudes have resulted in lethal violence and poor health, educational, legal and economic outcomes for Black Americans.

Black at Big Law is committed to helping those interested in transforming Big Law from a collection of institutions that structurally oppress its Black population to a collection of institutions that tirelessly promote racial equity and inclusion in their internal and external actions.

Our vision is ambitious, yet simple: To be the leading resource to the Big Law community in creating a healthier and more inclusive environment for our Black attorneys.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase awareness of the Black attorney experience in Big Law, to increase awareness of the practices that adversely impact Black attorneys in Big Law and to provide resources to those interested in transforming Big Law into a place where Black attorneys can flourish.

Who Are We?

Black at Big Law began as a brainstorming session among several Big Law attorneys, including founder Oscar Saunders. The project officially launched in 2020.