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Oscar is the founder of Black at Big Law, a resource devoted to promoting anti-racism in the Big Law community.

Diversity Awards: Sell the Effort, Not the Results

Law Firm Diversity: Sell the Effort, Not the Results Before we dive into the topic of diversity awards, we would like you to answer the question below. What Are Hypo-Surveillance and Hypo-Surveillance? Take note of the information you relied on to Read More

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Hypo-Surveillance: Don’t Be A Victim

Hyposurveillance: Don’t Be A Victim Your annual performance review is tomorrow. You are assessing your prior year's performance, and are jogging your memory for accomplishments that make you stand out among your superlative colleagues. So what did you do last year? You "went to the mat" for your law firm Read More

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What We Are Reading

December 2020   Investigation into NYPD Response to George Floyd Protests (NYC Department of Investigation) ‘Business as Usual Doesn’t Work’: Inside Big Law’s Reckoning on Race (Law.com) Big Law Firm Makes History in Diversity with its New Partnership Class (Above The Law) Kansas City Star Issues Apology For Decades of Pro-Racist Role in Journalism (Kansas Read More

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Was That A Microaggression?

If you are not an expert in spotting a “microagression,” you are not alone. This article and its companion articles, we hope, will transform you from a microaggression newbie into a microaggression maven. Buckle up. The concept of “microaggression” was first theorized by Dr. Chester Middlebrook Pierce, a prominent Black American psychiatrist, and his Read More

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